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During the coronavirus outbreak, we are using Zoom video-conferencing for monthly General Membership meetings and some Group Interest Activities. Here are some documents that you can read to learn how to join a meeting and what to expect when you attend a large meeting.  Also, FAQ documents below provide various information (such as how to turn on/off Audio or Video, how to Name/Rename your screen, how to use Chat and Polls, etc).   

How Can We Help You ?

To get an overview of the PCNY website features you will be using most frequently, start the video below.
To read the help and quick-tips by topic, click the links listed below the video.  For a site map, click here

Provides an instruction on how to log in to the website and what to do when you forgot the password.

Provides an instruction on how to view and update various sections of your Member Profile. This includes an instruction on how to indicate the interest activity groups you are interested in joining, among other important self-serve features.

Provides an instruction on how to register an event/session for a regular Activity or a Special Event. (This includes information about the event payment with a fee, before and after the Online Payment is enabled.)

Provides an instruction on how to cancel your registration for any event/session, depending on how the event/session was set up (e.g.,  cancellation enabled or disabled, a fee applies to the event, etc). 

Provides an instruction on how to renew your membership. 

Provides an instruction on how you can upload pictures from your device (phone, tablet or desktop/laptop) to the club album.

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