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Club Overview

What is Probus?

Probus is a volunteer-based, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian fellowship organization. There are over 4,000 Probus clubs worldwide with over 250 active clubs in Canada and over 37,600 members.

Probus clubs are social clubs. They were originally formed for Professional or Business retirees.  But today,  the emphasis is on encouraging healthy minds and bodies and socializing with other retirees or semi-retirees in the community,  and not on the professional or business status for membership. 

Each Probus club is autonomous but is coordinated through Probus  Canada to preserve the integrity and reputation of the clubs through minimum measures of a standard constitution and recommended by-laws.

Existing Probus clubs and Rotary clubs can sponsor new Probus clubs.

The Probus Club of North York is in Ontario District #3 of PROBUSCanada. 

For information about the umbrella organization, Probus Canada, visit the PROBUS Canada website.  Probus Canada issues quarterly newsletters. You can get their latest newsletter here

Probus Objectives

  • Be simple in structure, be free of the constraints and obligations of service clubs, and involve members in a minimal cost.

  • Provide fellowship between members who are compatible with each other, and the opportunity for development of acquaintance between member.

North York Club of Probus

The Probus Club of North York was established in April 2019 to meet the needs of North York based retirees and semi-retirees. 

The club offers an opportunity to meet people with similar interests (e.g. bridge, walking, golfing, dining, movies, music, book club, etc.).  There are also special events that take place throughout the year. Monthly meetings also provide an opportunity to get to know people and to hear speakers discuss current topics of interest.

  • General Meetings:  Monthly meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at  North York Memorial Hall, Burgundy Room (lower level),  5110 Yonge St. Toronto.

  • Activities: Activity groups are formed by members. They meet regularly with a convenor volunteering to lead the group.

  • Special Events: One-off events are offered throughout the year by members to share friendship and experience together.


Why are people joining a Probus club?  People want to stay connected, active and engaged in retirement. We address this need and provide social events and regular group activities to foster new interests and friendships. 

The North York club's membership is renewed yearly, with the expiry date of April 30 of each year. The cost of membership is:

  • Upon joining – $80.00 – to cover the badge, administration fees and hall rental / setup for the year, presenters, etc.
  • for annual renewal thereafter – $60.00

Brief History of North York Club

Due to the tremendous ongoing success of Probus clubs in Toronto, an additional club has been established in North York, sponsored by the Probus Club of Toronto. Here is an article in the local newspaper, SNAPD,  about the Probus Club of North York Inauguration Meeting on April 24, 2019, generating much interest in the neighbourhood.  Click the icon to read all about it.  

The Probus Club of North York


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